Dec 21, 2016

Artists to Follow on Instagram (part I)

Instagram is a great tool for art collectors to connect with their favourite artists. We share some of the best.
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Instagram has become one of the most important mediums for artists to connect with fans and collectors alike. For collectors it provides the perfect way to gain insights into the lives and work of their favourite artists. Here are some of our favourite Instagram artist accounts.

1. Andrew Salgado

Profile name: Andrew.salgado.artist
Followers: 54k

London-based Canadian figurative artist Andrew Salgado’s popularity in the art world continues to grow on the back of 11 sold out shows and being named in the ‘100 Painters of Tomorrow’ publication. His Instagram account shows a combination of his work, his life and his influences.

2. Alex Kanevsky

Profile name: somepaintings
Followers: 55k

Russian-born contemporary classical painter Alex Kanevsky has a cult following among artists and collectors alike. He uses his Instagram account to showcase finished works, show works in progress and give glimpses into his life outside of the studio. Also a teacher, his writings that accompany the images give incredible insight into his use of colour and display why he is one of the most respected painters in the art world.

3. Elly Smallwood

Profile name: ellysmallwood
Followers: 195k

Just 26 years old, Toronto-based painter Elly Smallwood has achieved Instagram fame despite still very much being an emerging artist. Her Instagram account is filled with her striking figurative and portrait paintings as well as images of her work in progress in her studio.

4. JR

Profile name: jr
Followers: 960k

French street artist JR pastes large prints of photographs on walls around major cities. His Instagram account has gained huge popularity by showcasing his visually stunning work, including when he made the iconic Louvre pyramid ‘disappear.’

5. Cian McLoughlin

Profile name: cianmcloughlinartist
Followers: 50k

Dublin-based artist Cian McLoughlin’s abstract face paintings are pure expression. Always making a conscious effort to work at two distances – one with his nose to the canvas and the other from a distance where form and composition are more coherent – his paintings are both emotive and prevailing.

He uses his Instagram account almost solely to post finished images of his work, so provides little insight into the process of creation itself. Yet the impact of the finished pieces is enough to keep his followers more than happy and his popularity on Instagram continues to grow.