Nov 29, 2016

10 Street Artists You Need to Know (part I)

The commercial success of Banksy, Ben Eine, Shepard Fairey and other street artists have brought this art form into the mainstream, with art collectors willing to spend millions to own their works. We look into 10 of the hottest graffiti artists right now.
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1. Blu

Originating from Italy, Blu has been involved in the street art scene since 1999, where he began painting graffiti series around Bologna. His works are now more aptly described as ‘epic scale murals’ – huge human figures and other objects created using paint rollers and telescopic sticks.

2. JR

Born in France, JR’s original graffiti moniker was Face 3. After photographing riots in France in 2014, he created his first major project by pasting up large prints of their faces on walls across the city.

It’s a style he’s continued to refine to impressive effect. His most memorable projects include Paris City Hall being wrapped in his photos and Face 2 Face, where he put huge portraits of Israelis and Palestinians face to face in a variety of Palestinian and Israeli cities.

3. Conor Harrington

Predominantly based in East London, but with work across the globe, Conor Harington’s style lies between the classical and contemporary. He paints huge outdoor murals combining realist, historical, largely male figures with contemporary abstract techniques. He’s also transferred his street art success to the gallery and is represented by Lazarides Gallery.

4. Swoon

Swoon gained notoriety around 1999, with her life-size wheatpaste prints and paper cut outs on abandoned buildings, bridges and fire escapes.

Since then she’s gone on to large-scale installations and sculptures, exhibiting at the Brooklyn Museum. In 2005 MOMA started to collect her work.

5. Stik

Based in the UK, Stik’s simple but striking stick like figures can be seen across Northeast London, particularly in Shoreditch. His work first started appearing in the London streets in the early 2000s and can now be found across the world. These days, his paintings are coveted by collectors and celebrities alike and regularly feature at art auctions.