Nov 09, 2016

Choose Your Weapon: The 5 Most Desirable Banksy Prints

Back in 2000, Banksy canvases were listed at between £49.99 and £129.99. “If you bought two, you got a third half price."
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Steve Lazarides, Banksy’s original agent must look back with a sense of amusement as he recalls the story of £49.99 Banksy canvases. For most of us in 2016, Banksy’s canvases are now out of reach. In contrast, Banksy’s limited edition prints offer a collector the ability to get a little piece of the graffiti movement and for smart early investors, have offered substantial returns. Only five years ago it was possible to pick up a signed version of ‘Very Little Helps’ for under $3k. The same piece recently sold at auction for the equivalent of $15k.

Just as it seemed like Banksy’s stock couldn’t rise any further, in 2015 he brought us Dismaland, a wonderfully droll take on capitalism, seaside holiday resorts and a sense of misery that many British stay-at-home holidaymakers will remember from their youth.

As Lazarides puts it “I think the Banksy market has become so solid. Artists like Banksy have broken the shackles of being just urban artists. It’s not chumps buying the work. It’s very, very serious collectors." But what are the most desirable Banksy limited editions? We bring you the five that should be top of every collector’s list:

Choose Your Weapon (Gold)

Including a homage to Keith Haring’s ‘Barking Dog’, this rare VIP collection is the standout amongst a total of 19 different colours.

Flying Copper (pink)

Released in 2003, this version of Banksy’s iconic Flying Copper is particularly rare and sought after.

Girl With Balloon

A running theme in Banksy’s work, the Girl With Balloon is a symbol of hope above circumstance and, despite now being tattooed on Justin Bieber’s arm, its value and desirability has somehow remained unaffected. By 2013, prices were hitting $70k.

Love Hurts

Simply one of the rarest editions ever produced by Banksy, with only 16 Artists proofs made exclusively for VIPs collectors in his New York residency. 2015 estimates put the value of these at over $30k.

I Fought the Law (Red)

Originally released in 2004, there were 500 editions of the unsigned standard edition and 150 signed. The 8 artist’s proofs in red are the true rarities though.